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The AQ-WATCH UIP is an important step towards one of the core objectives of AQ-WATCH which is to “to co-design, co-produce and co-evaluate for the first time prototype products and services with prime users in three regions of the world chosen for their specific level of economic, social end environmental development.” The UIP was created in a way to highlight the products and services developed by the project. The UIP’s main objective is defined as a structured means to periodically provide specific information on progress and development which can be accessed by all potential users.

The long term aim of AQ-WATCH is that the products developed will be used by policy-makers, local municipalities, researchers, non-governmental organizations, solar energy providers and many others. The modules have received first feedback by the project prime users and have been improved and adapted according to their evaluation. Further dialog and evaluation will improve the conceptual design and usability of the products and services in the future. As the project further develops a range of prototype products/services to help mitigate air pollution and their effects on health and infrastructure, the UIP will enable partners to open dialogue with a wide range of potential users, to better identify their specific needs and to establish if the proposed products/services attend their needs. Through the UIP, the capabilities of different modules will be shown, as well as the observational and model data used.

The UIP contains three main sections:

  • Modules: in this section, a full description of each module is available, their functionalities, and geographical coverage. It also shows the value chain in the development of the products as well as the progress and next steps of such development.

  • Data: in this section, there is a full description of the satellite, in situ and model datasets used in the products.

  • Sectors: in this section, there is a specific explanation for specific market segments on how the products can help and support


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