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Description and Evaluation of the Fine Particulate Matter Forecasts 

Kumar, R.; Bhardwaj, P.; Pfister, G.; Drews, C.; Honomichl, S.;  D’Attilo, G

2021, In: NCAR Regional Air Quality Forecasting System. 12, 302.

Ozone anomalies in the free troposphere during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bouarar, I., Gaubert, B., Brasseur, G. P., Steinbrecht, W., Doumbia, T., Tilmes, S., et al. 

2021, In: Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL094204. 

Changes in global air pollutant emissions during the COVID-19 pandemic: a dataset for atmospheric modeling

Doumbia, T., Granier, C., Elguindi, N., Bouarar, I., Darras, S., Brasseur, G., Gaubert, B., Liu, Y., Shi, X., Stavrakou, T., Tilmes, S., and al.

2021, In: Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 4191–4206,

Evaluation and intercomparison of wildfire smoke forecasts from multiple modeling systems for the 2019 Williams Flats fire

Ye, X., Arab, P., Ahmadov, R., James, E.,  Grell, G. A., Pierce, B., Kumar, A., Makar, P., Chen, J., Davignon, D.,  Carmichael, G. R., and al.

2021, In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (EGU) , 21,  14427–14469,, 2021

The impact of Los Angeles Basin pollution and stratospheric intrusions on the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains as seen by surface measurements, lidar, and numerical models

Chouza, F., Leblanc, T., Brewer, M., Wang, P., Piazzolla, S., Pfister,  G., Kumar, R., Drews, C., Tilmes, S., Emmons, L., and Johnson, M.

2021, In Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (EGU) , 21, 6129–6153,, 2021 

El aire que respiramos: pasado, presente y future Contaminacion atmosferica por MP2,5 en el centro y sur de Chile

Huneeus, N., Urquiza A., Gayó,  E., Osses, M., Arriagada, R., Valdés, M., Álamos, N., Amigo, C.,  Arrieta, D., Basoa, K., Billi , M., and al.

2020, In: The air we breathe: past, present and future – PM2.5 air pollution in central and southern Chile. Climate and Resilience Science Center (CR)2, (ANID/FONDAP/15110009), 102 pp. Available at

Evaluation of anthropogenic air pollutant emission inventories for South America at national and city scale (preprint available)

Nicolas, H., Denier van der Gon, H., Castesana, P., Menares, C., Granier, C., Granier, L., and al.

2020, In: Atmospheric Environment

Increasing trends (2001–2018) in photochemical activity and secondary aerosols in Santiago, Chile

Camilo Menares , Laura Gallardo , Maria Kanakidou , Rodrigo Seguel & Nicolás Huneeus

2020, In: Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology

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