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ECMWF published its new strategy for the period 2021–2030 in June 2020

ECMWF’s vision foresees the leveraging of the existing co-operation to maximise mutual benefits and positive outcomes for society:

Vision: ECMWF produces cutting‐edge science and world-leading weather predictions and monitoring of the Earth system in close collaboration with the members of the European Meteorological Infrastructure, for a safe and prosperous society.

The ambition is to maximise the benefits of initialised seamless predictions exploiting the Earth system approach and the synergies with the EU Copernicus programme, with a focus on medium- and extended-range weather forecasts.

ECMWF's Strategy

The Strategy covers a ten-year period and is renewed every five years. As a user-driven organisation, ECMWF discusses its Strategy with representatives of Member States before submitting it to the Council for adoption.


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